A place with multiple possibilities such as: 
slaughterhouse, bus garage, activity related to bus 
transportation, transportation of equipment by truck, 
retail sale of farm equipment, sale of used vehicles, sale 
of motorcycles, snowmobiles, restaurant, car repair, etc... 
You have a project, do not hesitate to ask the planning 
department of Marieville.
Here are some dimensions:
- Garage of 40x30 feet with doors of 11x11 feet.
- Showroom of 58 x 33 feet irr
- Office space of 30x10 feet irr
- Storage space of 34x25 feet irr
- Office counters + storage (room) 8x10 irr
- Hangar 50x60 feet irr (ceiling 15 feet)
- Heated warehouse. 46x35 feet irr
- Fenced parking lot 140x92 feet irr (along the ch. 
Ruisseau St-Louis E)
* The dimensions are indicative, the buyer will have to 
confirm them himself for his projects *
A visit is necessary!

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